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Selzer Innovex P Ltd manufactures cleaning and hygiene products for almost every application related to day to day use. Promoters of the company have extensive experience of brand building and product development with  emphasis on specialised products , we use our understanding of chemistry and formulations to develop products that meet customer requirements.

We have built a large distribution model with about 500 channel partners and marketing associates , such a set up allows us to keep ourselves updated regarding customer requirements and reach urban and rural areas with a large range of products , our focus on  innovation in packaging , graphic design and product properties allows us to differentiate ourselves .

Due to our emphasis on quality and reliability we have built backword integration linkages to the extent that even the packaging material is manufactured in house for which a dedicated moulding facility has been set up  giving us the advantage of minimal rejection , building on this strength and to increase our presence in home care products we have also started a large range of plastic products for kitchen and bathroom  that have already made a mark in a short time.

Our state of the art production facilities with a high level of automation , an R&D set up with lastest equipment and infrastructure spread over 50,000 sq metres has been built with the vision to become significant players in the homecare space, the customer acceptance and market reach we have achieved in a short time gives us the confidence that Selzer Innovex is on track to achieve the goal that had been envisaged.

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